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Arizona Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening Solutions

We Stop Pigeons From Nesting Under Your Solar Panels in Arizona


Are You Having Problems With Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panels?

Pigeons under solar panels on home roof


Pigeons have always used roofs to nest and roost on. Whether it was for day roosting, nesting under the roof overhangs or even using the gutter as a nesting site. 

Since the arrival of the solar panel on roof tops in Phoenix Arizona, we have now literally put a huge roof over the pigeons heads as well as all their offspringsPigeon poop under solar panel before pigeon control screening.  
The Arizona solar panels give the pigeons protection from our scorching summer heat and shelter from all the other elements. Roof top solar panels have created the perfect home for them which is why many areas are requiring solar panel pigeon screening be done when installing the solar panels to prevent huge population buildups of pigeons.. 


We Stop Pigeons Going Under Your Solar Panels With Our Proven System 

We have achieved A 100% Success rate screening around solar panels to keep the pigeons out! 
Southwest Avian Solutions has developed a guaranteed long lasting solar panel pigeon control system using long lasting galvanized welded wire mesh to stop pigeons from getting under the solar panels that are held in place using metal attachment clipsrestraints to hold the pigeon control screening in place.


Using this system we have achieved a long lasting 100% “Bird-Free” success rate stopping pigeons from going under your solar panels. Using this proven system does not affect your warranty, as we do not drill into any part of the solar panel array.

Our pigeon control solar panel screening or proofing experts are happy to talk to you about installing pigeon control solar panel screening to your solar panels, for Installing solar panel pigeon screening under solar panels of residential solar panels on roofyour peace of mind and long term protection.


Solar panel installing companies are recommending Southwest Avian Solutions to their customers as their preferred pigeon control solar panel screening specialists. That is because of our expertise in pigeon proofing and the development of our non damaging attachment system for all sorts of residential or commercial pigeon control or bird control problems. 


Solar Panel Pigeon Screening Is Cover By Our 5 Year "Bird-Free Guarantee"

BEWARE Not All Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening Is The Same



The Southwest Avian Solutions Solar Panel Proofing Process 

Cleaning Under Solar Panels for pigeon nests and waste: 
> Most all nests, dead pigeons and debris are removed as best we can from under the solar panels using removal tools or pressure washing before the solar panel screening is installed. 


Solar panel pigeon control screening to stop pigeons going under the solar panel array: Pigeon control solar panel screen under solar panel on a flat tile roof
> The system Southwest Avian Solutions has developed uses long lasting galvanized metal clips that are installed to the lower lip of the panel. This process of attaching many clips per panel is carried out on every outer solar panel within the array.

> Galvanized welded wire mesh is then cut to size so as to close the space between roof tile top and the underside of the solar panel. If you have rounded tiles we will cut the galvanized screen to fit over the humps of the tiles.


> The UV restraints are then used to attach the mesh to the clips, creating a physical barrier to stop the pigeons going back under the solar panels. solar panel pigeon control screen under solar panels fro pigeons on hump tile roof


Southwest Avian Solutions specializes in just one thing - Developing and installing effective, long lasting pigeon control deterrents and bird control deterrent solutions for homes all over the valley as well as solar panels and all sorts of business and structures in Metro Phoenix and Arizona.


Due to our many years of experience Southwest Avian Solutions can offer very competitive prices for your solar panel pigeon control screening on your home and structures without compromising integrity and / or quality, backed with our 3 - 5 year Bird-Free Guarantee.


Free Pigeon Control Solar Panel Screening & Cleaning Estimates

Don't wait any longer, call Southwest Avian Solutions,LLC. Monday thru Saturday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM at 602-942-6550 or 480-969-2337 to schedule your "NO OBLIGATION SITE SURVEY" and a proposal on how we can help you put an end to all the pigeon or bird mess and hassle of having to deal with your pest bird problems.


After 17 plus years and working on 5,000 plus homes, businesses and structures in Arizona, we know what it takes to provide you with a Humane, Discrete and Effective solution to your solar panel pigeon control problems.


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